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Understanding the world of federal and state taxes can be a challenge, even for the brightest individuals. Make sure you are not missing a beat with our help. Download some useful tax forms and publications from the IRS website. Call Arnold A. Kahara Ltd Certified Public Accountants today!

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Since 1983, we have been working hard to make sure you meet all your tax obligations, one day at a time.

Check Out the Tax Dates

  • February 15th
    W-4 due to employer
  • January 31st
    Deadline to file form 1099 for specific payments
  • March 1st
    Tax deadline for farmers and fisherman, if no estimated tax paid
  • March 15th
    Corporate tax returns due
  • January 31st
    Deadline to file forms 1098, 1099, and W-2G
  • April 15th
    Individual and partnership tax returns due
  • June 15th
    Tax deadline for U.S. citizen or resident alien living and working outside the United States
    Estimated tax due
  • September 15th
    Extension deadline for corporate returns
    Estimated tax due
  • October 15th
    Extension deadline for individual returns
  • December 15th
    Estimated Corporate tax due
  • January 15th
    Estimated Individual tax due
  • January 31st
    W-2s and 1099s due to employees